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Sketches of T.I.M.E.

It had been weeks since my home were installed with wireless network,
n yet i only published one single post at this blog *sigh*..

the classes r sure filling up most of my time, we had *ONLY* 6 days of class per week, with lecture starts at 8 am everyday n only ends by 3-4pm in the evening. at the first thought, it seems ridiculous (even the medic students have a VERY free schedule) but then, it doesn't matter at all. My classmates enjoy our classes n in fact, we love it!

Each lecturer really, really "menurunkan ilmu pd anak murid". even we can feel the flow of knowledge into our minds *ok, agak hiperbola d situ* n it feels great. It Feels Nice. ^_^
Why not? i had passed da quizzes with nice marks, Alhamdulillah..
oh ya, cara pemarkahan d sini amat istimewa dan penuh hikmah.

menjawab dengan baik ketika kuiz tak memastikan markah yang cantik, dan begitu juga sebaliknya; tidak menjawab soalan dengan baik tak memastikan markah yang sedikit. seakan-akan ada lagi 1 kriteria dalam pemarkahan, yakni gerak hati lecturer. bukan bermaksud lecturer di sini pilih kasih dan bagi markah tinggi pada yang terpilih sahaja, ataupun memberi markah sesuka hati; tapi....

(to be Continued.....)